November 25, 2013


Since 1986 I have studied, participated in and contributed to the world of sports and social issues.  I have leveraged a highly unique experience and acute knowledge of sports to address complex social issues for nearly  three decades.

In recent years the intersection of the two distinct worlds in which I work (sports and social issues) has grown more narrow.

I am launching this blog site to offer my perspective on issues of the day.  My work is not to criticize for the sake of debate or to throw stones.  The goal of every thing I do is to offer a perspective that addresses difficult social issues so that people can engage in an ongoing and productive dialog towards solutions.

The topics I will take on include bullying in the NFL, hazing on college campuses, men’s role in the prevention of sexual and domestic violence and the toxic ways in which we define masculinity.

This is my first post.  The photo above is from a domestic violence rally in Dallas in spring 2013.  Mayor Mike Rawlings called 10,000 men in Dallas to come out…and they did.

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